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The Tutoring

What I do. The way I do it. And what it costs.

How does online tutoring work?

Online sessions are conducted via a secure Zoom meeting which is free to use from the Tutee’s end.

At my end I write on a tablet and the notes appear instantly on the Tutee’s screen.

Current Tutees tell me they find Online Tutoring just as effective and natural as any in-person sessions they have had with me or others.

In-person sessions at the Tutee’s house are possible if they live near Bath, Somerset (I can travel further but charge for travelling).

Each Tutee has different needs, learning styles and expectations and all material used and created is tailored to the individual.

Also included in the price is support, by way of email, outside the formal sessions, as is a shared cloud folder containing all resources and session material.

Tutoring Style

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics”, Paul Halmos famously said.

I firmly believe that he is right but everyone needs a helping hand when stuck. I never do questions for a Tutee but will help them to do it themselves.

An unusual feature of my tutoring is that I do virtually all of the writing during a session. This has many benefits:

- The Tutee is forced to articulate their thoughts orally which allows me to fully understand their thought processes as well as helping them put their thoughts in order.

- The Tutee spends more time thinking and less time writing.

- Session notes etc. are accurate and well laid out and immediately available in electronic form in the shared folder

There does come a time, of course, when the Tutee has to put pen to paper themselves but this is mostly done in their own time between sessions.

The Bottom Line

I currently charge (for tutoring at all levels):

  • 30 minutes = £75

  • 45 minutes = £97.50

  • 60 minutes = £120

  • 90 minutes = £165

  • 120 minutes = £210


Sessions can be of any reasonable length (shorter or longer) with prices calculated using the formula:

    Price (£) = 30 + 90 x Session Length (Hrs)


This flexibility (in terms of session length) makes it easy for Tutees to fit sessions in during Study Periods at school, for example, or while on holiday.


I’m not the cheapest (or the most expensive!) but I am excellent. The extra resources and out of session support prove invaluable to Tutees.

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